Equity Release Calculator

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Is Equity Release Right For You?

Before considering an equity release plan you should ask yourself the following questions:

Firstly, ‘are you prepared to use the value locked up in your home?’

If the answer is yes, you should also ask yourself, ‘have you considered the alternatives to equity release?’

There are 4 main alternatives to an Equity Release Plan…

  1. Move to a less expensive property and use the surplus funds to meet your income or capital needs.
  2. Use any existing resources, such as investments.
  3. Use assistance from family, grants or unclaimed State Benefits.
  4. Do nothing and pass on the value of your home when you die.

Having considered the alternatives of equity release interest rates, the next question is ‘have you gathered sufficient information to enable you to make a decision that you and your family, are happy with?’

Finally, – if you’ve got this far you may well ask yourself – ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?’

Whilst an equity release plan can provide you with benefits it is not suitable for everyone. Is some cases there can be drawbacks which outweigh the benefits.