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All You Need to Know About Equity Release and how Releasing equity to buy another property

Equity release plans can benefit many in retirement.

However, equity release is not suitable for everyone and you should consider the alternatives first. For a full list of alternatives that should be considered first, please contact us.

We also recommend you involve other family members as much as possible. We will be happy to discuss our recommendations with other members of your family so that the everyone understands the benefits, features and any risks.

Equity release plans will affect the value of your estate. In some cases, taking out an equity release plan and Releasing equity to buy another property will also affect any State Benefits you receive.

For these reasons, take advice from a specialist adviser first to ensure that you do not end up regretting your choice.

We offer a full advice and recommendation service for which we will charge a fee. However, we offer a free, no obligation initial consultation so that you can find out how much cash you could release and whether a plan would be suitable for you. The fee is only payable when you receive your cash and is typically 1.5% of the amount released (i.e. £750 if releasing £50,000). Alternatively, as we are independent, you can choose to pay a fee, typically 2.5% of the amount released (i.e. £1,250 if releasing £50,000) and we will pass on any commission we receive from the lender.

No home visit will be required, however you can choose this option if you would prefer without any obligation to proceed. We believe in offering a valuable and honest service of providing impartial and knowledgeable equity release advice without obligation.

If you planning of Releasing equity to buy another property Contact us for free advice.

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